Relocation of Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Work to Caverns -- Feasibility Study
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There are two stages of Public Engagement (PE) throughout the study period. The key objectives of Stage 1 public engagement (PE1) are to collect comments and views from the public on the Project, whereas the Stage 2 public engagement (PE2) aims to promote consensus among the public and foster their support and understanding of the Project.

Stage 1

March to August 2015
Visits to Stanley Sewage Treatment Works

Roving Exhibitions

Focus Group / Community Liaison Group Meetings

Thank you for your participation in the Stage 1 Public Engagement exercise and providing your valuable opinion regarding the proposed relocation of Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works to caverns. Details of past activities are shown below:




Roving Exhibitions

28-31 May 2015
(Thu to Sun)

Open Area outside "Seafood Street Pai Lau" on Man Nin Street, Sai Kung

1-4 June 2015
(Mon to Thu)

Sai Kung Tin Hau Temple Plaza

4-8 June 2015
(Thu to Mon)

Lobby, G/F, Sai Kung Government Offices

9-12 June 2015
(Tue to Fri)

Open area at the joint of Tsui Tong Road and Sai Kung Tai Street (next to Tsui Tong Road Car Park)

9-12 June 2015
(Tue to Fri)

Sport court of Sai Kung St. Peter's Village

13-16 June 2015
(Sat to Tue)

Open area at Lake Court

13-16 June 2015
(Sat to Tue)

Sitting-out Area, Hong Kin Road, Sai Kung

17-20 June 2015
(Wed - Sat)

Side Area, Wo Fat Mansion, Man Yee Fishermen Estate

22-26 June 2015
(Mon - Fri)

Lobby, G/F, Sai Kung Government Offices

Community Liaison Groups Meetings

8-10pm, 28 June 2015

Open area between Kwong Fat Lau, Man Yee Fishermen Estate and Man Yee Fishermen Estate Community Hall

8-10pm, 6 August 2015

Open area at Lake Court

Workshop -
Community and Fishermen Organisations

2 July 2015 night

The Sai Kung Jockey Club Town Hall

Focus Group -
Green Groups, Professional Institutes and Academics

24 August 2015 night

Room 607 of The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong
Address: 3 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Results from Stage 1 Public Engagement

Stage 2 (in 2017)

To Be Confirmed
Roving Exhibitions

Public Forums

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