Relocation of Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Work to Caverns -- Feasibility Study
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Local example of Sewage Treatment Works in Cavern – Stanley Sewage Treatment Works

Commissioned in 1995, Stanley Sewage Treatment Works is the first sewage treatment works built in caverns in Hong Kong. It is a secondary sewage treatment works with design daily sewage treatment capacity of 11600m3. Latest cavern construction technology was adopted in the design and construction of this plant at that time. The treatment facilities are housed inside three large caverns, each about 120m long, 15m wide and 17m high together with over 450m of access roads, ventilation tunnels and shafts.

Integrating with the Surrounding Community and Environment

  • Integrating with the surrounding environment, not easily visualized by the public
  • Live with the nearby community in harmony, not causing any adverse impact

The nearest distances between the ventilation shaft and St. Stephen’s College Preparatory School, staff quarters of Correctional Services Department and the residential neighborhood are about 200m, 300m and 400m respectively.

Stanley Sewage Treatment Works

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